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Modernising the UK’s nuclear safety assessment capabilities 

Riskaware is working with the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) to update the UK’s nuclear safety modelling capabilities. Together, we are modernising decades-old legacy technology and introducing combined chemical and radiological hazard analysis. 

As the UK’s nuclear stance evolves, the work Riskaware and NNL are doing will meet a growing need for more comprehensive and holistic risk analysis in complex urban environments. 

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Optimise real-time decision-making with superior situational awareness

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UrbanAware provides users with advanced incident modelling, information fusion and hazard forecasting capabilities to optimise decision-making processes.

Powered by the latest advancements in computer modelling, the platform significantly improves situational awareness for better response, planning, and mitigation strategies.


HASP Suite Datasheet Series

The HASP Suite tools are available independently, or through our UrbanAware platform, and can be used in conjunction for comprehensive detection, analysis, modelling and simulation.

We have compiled a datasheet series to provide you with all the information needed about our advanced HASP Suite solutions. Using these downloads, you can ensure our solutions are matched to your needs and make a well-informed decision. Follow the button below to the download page.


Integrating CBRN hazard prediction and assessment capabilities with the TAK platform


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For queries related to our CBRN offering and UrbanAware, please contact us.

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