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UrbanAware is Riskaware’s next-generation CBRN / HazMat Information Management (IM) tool for the military, and emergency response users. Developed with Dstl and the DoD, UrbanAware and its component parts provide advanced decision support within defence intelligence.

Components Detail

UrbanAware’s component parts form a fundamental part of decision support within defence intelligence. The suite includes Urban Dispersion Modelling (UDM), Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling (ADM), Geographical and Environmental Database Information System (GEDIS), Urban Sub System (USS), a Sensor Placement Tool (SPT) and Source Term Estimation (STE). To deliver precise and actionable decision support, the suite allows for sophisticated and diverse data input. Requiring only a standard computer to run the software, the output can be viewed through our Incident Modelling Platform Dashboard or integrated with your own app or modelling software.

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UrbanAware is flexible, powerful, and comprehensive. The platform is designed for generalists and expert users alike to gain timely and applicable CBRNe and HazMat incident intelligence.

CBRNE: Meet the solution supporting informed urban response

Find out more about how incident modelling can combat CBRNe impacts in this overview of UrbanAware, the next-generation situational awareness and decision support tool for urban CBRNe incidents.

Projects & Partners

For over 20 years Riskaware has been working with the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) to develop the Hazard Assessment, Simulation and Prediction (HASP) Suite, now available through Riskaware. We also work closely with US partners such as General Dynamics Information Technology, Applied Research Associates, Xator Corporation and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on key US Government projects such as the Joint Effects Model (JEM) and Hazard Prediction and Assessment Capability (HPAC).

UrbanAware Product Sheet

Download the free UrbanAware Product Sheet PDF for more information on product details, features and benefits.

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