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There are over 5,000 active and defunct satellites in space, and this number is increasing exponentially. As services on earth become more reliant on satellite capabilities, from military navigation and communication to industrial logistics, it’s essential that users on the ground understand the potential risk of satellite degradation to their operations. SpaceAware is a unique multi-tier decision support tool that addresses this need. Performing robust satellite risk modelling, the SpaceAware platform supports strategic decision-making for users on the ground.

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Satellite service quality can be affected by space debris, space weather, electrical or hardware faults, and other incidental factors. This will have a downstream impact on ground services, with potentially costly or life-threatening consequences. SpaceAware models the second and third order impacts of space asset degradation on connected systems and services. The platform offers novel capabilities and is the first solution to combine operational intelligence with space asset modelling. Based on operational inputs, SpaceAware provides comprehensive risk and threat analysis for satellite-dependent systems on earth.

This allows users to carry out proactive impact assessments, determining both the asset and mission risk of satellite degradation to support strategic planning. Empowered with greater situational awareness over the space threat landscape, government and civil organisations worldwide can effectively understand and mitigate costly consequences of satellite service disruption.

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Riskaware are incident modelling experts, with over 20 years’ experience developing software solutions and providing experienced consultancy. We’ve worked with global organisations in government and commercial sectors, from defence and intelligence to environment and disaster recovery.

SpaceAware was developed based on tested and verified capabilities to be presented to US and UK military stakeholders at the International Space Day Pitch (ISPD). The platform is in advanced stages of development and continues to be improved and expanded.


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