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MarineAware is a dispersion modelling and visualisation platform for identifying, analysing and mitigating oil spills. When integrated with detection capabilities and environmental sensitivity datasets, it provides an end-to-end decision support tool for effective oil spill response.


MarineAware Operations: Next Generation Oil Spill Support

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MarineAware Operations is pioneering better performance in oil spill operations and response. Ongoing incidents are always complex to understand and monitor, but MarineAware Operations brings unparalleled situational awareness and decision support to these challenging situations, such as salvage and wreck removal.


MarineAware Operations: Salvage & Wreck Use Case

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Enabling comprehensive and cost-effective operational overviews that support more informed salvage and wreck responses, the MarineAware Operations solution gives users across salvage and wreck removal teams access to up-to-date models outputs on-demand for a collaborative, proactive, and seamless approach.

MarineAware Operations: Technology & The Transformation Of Shipping

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From addressing the critical issue of port management to enabling rapid responses to maritime incidents, MarineAware Operations provides the tools necessary to enable truly proactive and strategic insights. Learn more in our full whitepaper here.

MarineAware Operations: Insurance Use Case

Download the MarineAware Operations Case Study

MarineAware Operations can supply insurance team – who are often the first on the scene – with the critical intelligence needed to evaluate damages and assess possible responses. By taking advantage of MarineAware Operations, insurance teams can take advantage of the very latest insights, projecting future outcomes to mitigate cost, risk, and time-to-response.

Data Visualisation for Bristol Avon Rivers Trust (BART)

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To get the most insight from this data, and to accurately accumulate all the different data types and formats in a clear and engaging way, BART approached Riskaware to create a data visualisation platform that could display all the data that had been collected.

Learn more about this exciting project in the downloadable case study


SEA EMPRESS: How the latest MarineAware
tools could have helped

Download the Case Study: Preventing Another Sea Empress Disaster

By combining ESI datasets and probabilistic modelling based on statistical Monte Carlo methods, MarineAware produces detailed oil spill risk assessments.

These assessments can be used to identify the dangers of both real-world and potential oil spills. This uniquely provides users with a prioritisation strategy for dealing with at-risk coastlines, allowing for rapid, well-informed decision-making.


Marine Watch: Preventing Oil Spill Disaster In Johor

Download the case study: Marine Watch – Preventing Oil Spill in Johor

The EASOS Marine Watch system is a decision support system underpinned by Riskaware’s MarineAware platform. It was developed as part of the Earth and Sea Observation System (EASOS) project, led by the Satellite Applications Catapult (SAC), and combines Riskaware’s MarineAware oil spill modelling platform with an automatic satellite detection capability developed by Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML).


Modelling the risk from the FSO SAFER

Download the case study to discover Riskaware’s contribution to the international conversation

Over the past year, Riskaware have been providing modelling support to the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) by carrying out investigations into the risks posed by the FSO SAFER oil tanker.

Discover how we carried out these investigations and how our modelling techniques can be similarly applied to a wide range of other problems.


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