MarineAware is a modelling and data visualisation platform for supporting response to oil spills at sea. It combines dispersion modelling and source identification capabilities with an intuitive web-based user interface, to assist with recording, locating, mitigating and cleaning up oil spills. MarineAware can be utilised for coordinating responses to live incidents or for modelling theoretical scenarios as part of readiness planning or risk assessment activities.

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MarineAware includes an oil spill dispersion model which has been independently validated by the Science and Technology Facilities Council, as well as algorithms for identifying the source of an oil spill, which have been developed in partnership with Oxford University’s Pattern Analysis and Machine Learning Research Group.

MarineAware can be deployed as a standalone product to provide these modelling capabilities, or integrated with other capabilities. For example, MarineAware was integrated with an automatic satellite detection system to create the EASOS Marine Watch service, currently being used by the Malaysian government to monitor and mitigate oil spills which occur in and around the Malacca Straits.

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Two of our most prominent projects have been the development of Marine Watch, in partnership with EASOS, and working with the Malaysian government to help tackle the country’s most pressing environmental issues.

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Alastair Lees, Global Services Development Director
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