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Enable cyber resilience and enhanced preparedness with CyberAware

Business-critical cyber attack analysis & impact assessments

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CyberAware is designed to strengthen your cyber resilience and protect your sensitive data.

Leveraging Riskaware’s extensive experience in risk analysis, modelling, simulation, data analytics and visualisation, CyberAware provides component-driven risk assessments with outstanding user experience at its core.


Cyber attack prediction and visualisation

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CyberAware Predict is a system that can predict both future cyber attacks and the next steps of evolving attacks based on network scans, real-time monitoring and threat intelligence.

CyberAware Predict can be used to help defend any network. Although designed specifically for military Cyber Protection Teams (CPTs), with adapted symbology, CyberAware Resilience could be leveraged by any private sector or government organisation.


Multi-stage cyber attack and mission impact assessment analytics

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CyberAware Resilience is a system that determines the potential impact of cyber attacks on missions or businesses. By integrating network scans, vulnerability feeds and mission or business models, it provides insights into complex scenarios that bridge the cyber and physical domains. This enables users to simulate, assess and mitigate network threats.


The challenges of organisational cyber resilience

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In this whitepaper, we present the growing demand for tools that support cyber resilience and the challenges that follow, as well as how our solution, CyberAware Resilience, meets these needs in a proactive, accessible and advanced manner.


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