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Developed in partnership with world-leading defence and intelligence organisations, CyberAware provides business-critical cyber attack analysis and impact assessments using NIST standards aligned with NCSC guidance. Its cutting-edge analytics provide component-driven risk assessments to increase cyber security and resilience. In the wider defence context, CyberAware integrates with joint operations, predicting the actions of threat actors based on network weaknesses. It also enhances cyber situational awareness to support commanders and cyber response teams.

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CyberAware provides advanced analytics and interactive visualisations for robust cyber threat awareness and mitigation planning. The platform consists of two tools, CyberAware Predict and CyberAware Resilience, which can be fully tailored to end user needs and integrated into existing cybersecurity platforms. Combining network asset scans and open-source cyber threat intelligence feeds, CyberAware features analytics for vulnerability analysis, attack path analysis, network entry point analysis, cyber attack prediction and mission impact assessment. With CyberAware, users can exploit operational graphics dashboards and visual analytics that allow the cyber landscape to be explored and interrogated – enabling enhanced situational awareness and decision support for your cyber needs.

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CyberAware Predict

CyberAware Predict is a system that can predict both future cyber attacks and the next steps of evolving attacks based on network scans, real-time monitoring and threat intelligence.    

The simple web-based user interface displays comprehensive and proactive cyber attack predictions and visualisations. By using familiar military symbology, it allows analysts to convey mission-relevant information to commanders unfamiliar with the technical details of cyberspace.

CyberAware Resilience

CyberAware Resilience is a system that models the likely impact of cyber attacks on your business or mission.

By providing insight into how cyber attacks could impact operations, organisations can assess their resilience and mitigate network vulnerabilities.



Projects & Partners

We have been working in close partnerships with BMT and University of Southampton on recent cybersecurity projects for UK MOD. Some of that work has been presented internationally at the NATO Cyber Resilience Workshop and the NATO Operations Research and Analysis Conference.

CyberAware Product Sheet

Download the free CyberAware Product Sheet PDF for more information on product details, features and benefits.

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“BMT worked with Riskaware on a cutting edge Cyber Mission Planning and Situation Awareness tool for Dstl. Throughout the project the relationship with Riskaware has been overwhelmingly positive. The Riskaware team have provided class leading SME advice and consultation in the Cyber Analytics domain. The timeliness and quality of code, presentations and deliverables is exceptionally high, and any requests for amendment are speedily dealt with in a positive manner. I would have no hesitation in working with the Riskaware team on future projects.”

Doug Mcdonald, UX Capability Lead, Defence & Security, UK

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