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BioAware, the Biosurveillance Data Fusion and Forecasting System is a sophisticated biosurveillance (BSV) tool which aims to detect, classify and model disease outbreaks within the population. The modelling platform aims to provide decision makers with superior situational awareness and a progress forecast for any outbreak, allowing for swifter and more effective infection spread prevention.

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At the core of BioAware is BSV, a component of Dstl’s HASP Suite. The core algorithm combines a particle filter, a multi-disease compartmental model and multiple Bayesian networks to provide enhanced situational awareness based on all the available data. BSV’s automated detection and classification of outbreaks can combine multiple data sources and account for known patterns in healthcare seeking behaviour. The resulting outbreak modelling and disease spread forecasting is designed to be used to aid the planning of response interventions. BioAware also includes the CrystalCast capability, developed by Dstl and supported by Riskaware, Public Health England and the University of Southampton. CrystalCast is a disease forecasting tool combining multiple epidemiological models to forecast the spread of disease outbreaks, estimate the likely impacts on the population and understand the uncertainties in the modelling outputs.

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We work closely with partners in academia and health protection agencies, including the University of Liverpool, The University of Southampton and Public Health England to develop state of the art biosurveillance solutions for UK and US government departments.

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“Riskaware has been supporting the UK government COVID-19 response. Riskaware’s expertise has been instrumental in implementing the CrystalCast method to collate model forecast data and produce charts of both individual and combined model predictions, supporting the simplification of scientific advice informing decision-makers and the government’s response.”


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