The Incident Modelling Platform

Riskaware’s Incident Modelling Platform is a scalable solution that provides critical decision support to global government departments, environmental charities and science-led R&D partners.

Developed in partnership with government departments, our incident modelling solutions deliver actionable intelligence to key stakeholders mitigating security, environmental and biological threats.

Platform Capabilities

The Incident Modelling Platform brings together the orchestration, integration and application of highly complex and variable data points. Our knowledgeable team works with you to ensure the right data is input in order to produce the most accurate model. Through our expert engineers the data is integrated and the application output produced, offering advanced decision support to government, people and organisations responding to human or security challenges.

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Platform Applications

Riskaware has more than 20 years’ experience in CBRN and HazMat situational awareness tools and decision support, and together with our partners we continuously develop and expand our capabilities. Our work spans the four most critical domains for security and human challenges to society, including environmental, cyber and epidemiological threats.


UrbanAware is a leading CBRN / HazMat situational awareness and decision support tool for Emergency Response Planning, Mitigation and Training. UrbanAware is underpinned by Dstl’s HASP modelling suite, which has been developed in partnership with Dstl and the DoD and forms a fundamental part of decision support within the defence sector.

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MarineAware helps to detect and mitigate oil spills in the ocean to help safeguard marine life and vulnerable coastlines. It also models the potential risk associated with seaborne transport of hazardous substances.

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BioAware, the Biosurveillance Data Fusion and Forecasting System is a highly sophisticated biosurveillance (BSV) tool which aims to detect, classify and model disease outbreaks ahead of traditional detection means.

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CyberAware is developed in partnership with world-leading defence and intelligence organisations. It provides business critical cyber-attack analysis and impact assessment services, aligned with National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) and National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) advice.

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Riskaware offers bespoke consultancy services across our core domains. We work with a range of clients, delivering critical decision support and guidance.

With expertise in environmental and atmospheric modelling services, from CBRN hazard and oil spill modelling to cyber defence, our teams are leaders in incident modelling and mission impact assessment. Our breadth of experience includes governmental and industry defence departments, environmental and disease protection.

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