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UrbanAware: Explore the comprehensive CBRNe and HazMat platform

The UrbanAware platform hosts a wealth of powerful CBRNe and HazMat incident modelling capabilities. As a comprehensive information management and simulation platform, it will enable you to approach complex challenges with confidence, and give key insights during uncertain situations. 

High-fidelity atmospheric dispersion modelling, powered by Dstl technology, provides advanced decision support that is tailored for defence, security, safety, and intelligence sectors. 

Not only is the platform available through several deployment options, but it is cleverly integrated with a mobile companion app. This truly connects the cycle of operational intelligence – delivering critical information directly to frontline responders, strategic decision-makers and analyst users to help them navigate the evolving challenges of an ongoing incident. 

UrbanAware is currently undergoing pilot trials with a wide range of end user groups across Europe and beyond. From industrial risk assessments to urban event planning to tabletop and field exercises, UrbanAware is a highly flexible solution that can be applied to the full lifecycle of an incident.  

Find out more about UrbanAware, including where it can be deployed, how it supports situational awareness, and how it is accessible to generalists and expert users alike in the full video.

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