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Why scaling our Incident Modelling Platforms matters

By Robert Gordon

Riskaware solves difficult problems in difficult domains.

For over 20 years, our customer-focused approach to this service has been the foundation of our success. 

Working with government departments, environmental charities and science-led R&D partners, we’ve developed incident modelling platforms that provide actionable intelligence to first responders.

We’ve applied algorithms and mathematical models to cope with existing and emerging threats. As a result of that, we now have four defined solutions: UrbanAware, BioAware, CyberAware & MarineAware.

Fine-tuned by our expert team, our Incident Modelling Platforms are best in class. The challenge we face now is to scale them.

And the scalability of our platforms doesn’t just matter for us and our margins. It matters because we develop and deliver capabilities that are truly beneficial – to our partners, to society and to the environment. 

Our approach to delivery is to build long-term relationships and mutual understanding. We are agile enough to not only abide by delivery schedules and budget limits, but also to exceed customer expectations.  

And we believe that every organisation charged with protecting our most precious resources deserves these services as standard. They deserve consultancy and technology platforms that can respond to the mutating landscape of threats facing society. 

By leveraging the latest developments in mathematical engineering, including data fusion, big data, machine learning and visual analytics, that’s exactly what we can provide.

We want to set a new industry benchmark. That benchmark will place flexibility, long-term thinking and results at its core. 

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