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Riskaware’s robust cyber security solutions

Cyber security is something that every organisation should implement – no matter what your field, there is always the ever-present threat of a cyber attack.

But the cyber security solution that is right for you should be carefully considered. There is a huge range of tools out there designed to defend your network, but not all are effective at actually reducing your risk of being attacked.

Riskaware’s robust cyber solutions are primarily focused on mitigating potential attacks before they happen, to reduce your risk of being attacked and give you a more secure cyber landscape.

What is cyber security infrastructure?

Cyber security is a vast and varied field. It can mean anything from a basic firewall on your personal laptop to user permissions and even door locks. Cyber security infrastructure therefore broadly refers to whatever solutions you have implemented to keep your network safe from cyber threats.

What’s important when thinking about robust cyber security infrastructure is to choose solutions that are tailored to your needs. A commercial organisation might require different security to a government agency for example, because their network will be connected differently, their stored data will be different, and what they consider critical assets will vary.

How they will want to defend their networks, and therefore the solutions they need, will depend on these factors.

Riskaware’s cyber security solutions

Our CyberAware products centre around cyber attack modelling and prediction.

We use comprehensive analytics and visualisations to assess your network and either predict future cyber attacks or look at the impact on critical IT assets.

Our aim with these tools is to take a more proactive approach to cyber security. By combining traditional vulnerability analysis techniques with our own cutting-edge algorithms, we can go further than just identifying individual vulnerabilities and analyse entire attack pathways.

This gives users more detailed and actionable information, allowing you to defend against attacks in a more efficient and focused way.

What are the core capabilities of Riskaware’s cyber security solutions?

We believe the best form of cyber defence is proactive. We enable businesses, government agencies, and defence organisations to tactically analyse potential future attacks so they can be mitigated before they occur.

Our cyber security solutions approach cyber risks in several key ways:

Cyber attack modelling

Cyber attack modelling involves simulating how an attack will progress through a network in order to reach a critical asset.

Working with our customers, they can identify which of their network assets are critical to their business. We can then run simulations of attack paths through their network to these assets.

This allows us to determine the most likely route an attacker would take, based on known vulnerabilities and threat intelligence. With this knowledge, we can identify the least complex or highest impact attack paths to recommend intelligent patching.

The benefit to users is that they can be more targeted with their cyber security activity; they are able to prioritise patching key weaknesses, mitigating the most likely or highest impact attacks quickly.

Compared to receiving an extensive list of vulnerabilities that exist across your organisation’s network, or even only on critical assets, our tools make fixing these issues much more manageable and ensure you see more tangible benefits from your cyber security activity.


Modelling the impact of cyber attacks

This approach goes one step further, combining cyber attack analysis with mission impact assessment.

For any given business model or mission plan, there will be IT assets that are critical to its operation and ultimate success. Our tools can be used to map this linkage to critical assets, determine the technical impact if they were attacked, and then assess the knock-on business or mission impact if the asset was compromised.

We can further drill-down into the details of an attack to identify which specific parts of a business model or mission an attack may affect, providing robust situational awareness to key decision-makers so they can make informed decisions.

This allows organisations to ensure their most critical assets are defended, and to proactively prepare for known threats that may be targeting their organisation.


Visual analytics

Being able to present analysis results in an understandable way for our customers is a priority. Our solutions include powerful visualisations that convey actionable intelligence in a clear, concise way, allowing you to assess your risks and prioritise mitigations.

This has several benefits:

  • Creates actionable insights from raw, complex data
  • Supports easier and more concise reporting
  • Prioritises and details mitigations
  • Generates transferrable insights for both technical and non-technical stakeholders

What is unique about Riskaware’s cyber solutions?

More advanced and comprehensive analytics

CyberAware Resilience uses the data provided by vulnerability analysis alongside data about known threats and critical assets to predict multi-stage cyber attacks.

The results presented include more than just known vulnerabilities; they include the impact on your business or mission, how complex the attack is for an attacker, and the route of the attack path through a network – giving you an overview of potential attacks from start to finish.

This approach can be completely tailored for every individual business, organisation or defence organisation. You receive results that are unique to your cyber landscape and likely threats. This in turn means you can take more targeted and effective action to mitigate against cyber attacks.

More detailed, more relevant, and improved prioritisation

Prioritising your patching and defence activity is absolutely necessary – finding vulnerabilities is a given, but it’s impossible to fix them all. Our solutions enable prioritisation in a way that other solutions can’t. We can rank your vulnerabilities in terms of business or mission criticality, plus determine where to most effectively break attack paths to critical assets.

If a weakness is on an attack path that adversaries will likely exploit, users can prioritise fixing this issue over one that doesn’t lead to a critical asset.

Real-time insight

CyberAware Predict uses real-time monitoring and threat intelligence to provide proactive cyber attack predictions and visualisations. Underpinned by an extensive database of cyber threat intelligence, this product gives users comprehensive information about predicted adversary techniques supported by unique, easy-to-understand symbology.

How will our cyber security solutions develop in the future?

Riskaware is continually pulling technology across from our cutting-edge cyber defence research and development programmes. Our analytics is constantly being enhanced and improved with new capabilities transitioned from these projects, as well as our own commitment to innovation.

We continue to enhance our solutions, adding new features to create more advanced cyber security capabilities that meet emerging challenges. Because our CyberAware solutions are based on open-source cyber threat intelligence, we are always able to leverage the most up-to-date information on vulnerabilities, adversary attack patterns, malware, and threat actor tactics, techniques and procedures.

Our unique analytics and cyber security algorithms have been designed to be applied across many use cases and can be easily adapted to produce bespoke solutions that meet specific needs.

If you want to know more about our CyberAware Predict or CyberAware Resilience products, or if you have more specific cyber security needs, we can help. Just get in touch to find out more.

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