Riskaware welcomes Simon Agass to the team as Business Development Executive - Riskaware

Riskaware welcomes Simon Agass to the team as Business Development Executive

Simon Agass has recently joined Riskaware as Business Development Executive, with exciting plans to support and diversify more leading technological innovation from the incident modelling solutions provider.

Simon Agass has 14 years’ experience working in the Earth Observation and Geospatial industry and has now joined Riskaware as the Business Development Executive for all departments, with plans to move into a Programme Lead role for BioAware.

With an academic background in earth observation science, Simon has worked across the globe in both technical and project management roles within various programmes, such as EASOS in Malaysia, disaster management in Chile, and The Open Data Cube initiative in Australia. At Riskaware, Simon has taken on a senior role to support all programmes to expand into new areas and continue to build leading environmental technology solutions.

“Riskaware is a cutting-edge company with great capabilities, ambition and expertise,” Simon explains. “I’ve been interested in their work for a long time and I’m excited to now be a part of it.”

After he graduated with a Masters’ degree in environmental Remote Sensing and GIS, Simon began working with the Welsh Government. During this time, he played an integral part in delivering the European INSPIRE programme, as well as spatial data infrastructure and earth observation data fusion projects.

Later, Simon joined Satellite Applications Catapult (SAC), starting as a Senior Earth Observation specialist then moving on to lead their Geospatial Systems and Solutions team where was responsible to development of applications to integrate satellite derived data into local, national and international Government organisations. After this, Simon spent two years working for the UK Space Agency as Lead Technologist for Space Applications.

During his role at SAC, Simon met Riskaware while establishing and managing the EASOS project, where he worked closely with the MarineAware team. In this project, various organisations collaboratively developed an integrated oil spill modelling, detection and prediction platform to empower local authorities, emergency services and government bodies during incident response and planning.

Simon is now applying his wide range of expertise and multifaceted project experience at Riskaware; exploring new business opportunities, diversifying capabilities for the platform, and driving the development of the core programmes – UrbanAware, BioAware, MarineAware and CyberAware.

Simon also plans to take on the mantel of Programme Lead for BioAware in the future, opening up opportunities for the former Technical Director of the programme, Martyn Bull, to develop and expand Riskaware’s Innovation Hub.

Simon concludes; “I admire that Riskaware is actively taking a leading role in development technology to safeguard our future. This need for this kind of work is especially highlighted by the current situation the world is facing with COVID-19, so I’m glad to be part of an organisation delivering solutions that help solve global problems.”

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