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Modelling and simulations at Riskaware: our capabilities

“From emergency response teams in hazardous urban environments to marine crews negotiating oil spills in uncertain conditions, our modelling and simulation tools provide the critical intelligence needed during high-intensity environments.” 

Incident modelling and simulations enable response teams and other users to gain critical situational awareness – empowering true situational awareness and empowering stakeholders to respond to incidents with a heightened degree of confidence, and safety.  

At Riskaware, we fully understand the importance of heightened situational awareness, even more so when responding to CBRNe threats, or in time-sensitive situations such as an oil spill. With access to incident modelling technology, users can explore potential outcomes, and identify hidden relationships between variables for greater insight than ever before.  

In our datasheet, we’re exploring the importance of incident modelling in more detail, as well as how our tools are designed to provide users with the greatest level of situational awareness possible. We also take a look at key current use cases, and how we approach the creation of our models to gain the maximum insights.  

Download the full datasheet below to learn more 

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