MarineAware Operations is fully equipped to support the salvage and wreck sector - Riskaware

MarineAware Operations is fully equipped to support the salvage and wreck sector

The MarineAware Operations solution gives users across salvage and wreck removal teams access to up-to-date oil spill modelling outputs on-demand.

Enabling comprehensive and cost-effective operational overviews that support more informed salvage and wreck responses, MarineAware Operations can:

  1. Enable users to demonstrate full preparedness in the face of risks
  2. Better optimise and streamline operations to meet sustainable practices
  3. Encourage collaborative responses between multiple teams at once
  4. Access the latest data to respond to developing incidents if they occur

Facilitate preparedness with ease

MarineAware Operations allows salvage and wreck removal teams to provide evidence that they are fully prepared to combat any threats as they arise, increasing the chances of securing competitive contracts.

Fully available the moment that users need them, operators can:

  • Identify and show preparedness against ongoing risks
  • Demonstrate an awareness and mitigation of environmental risks
  • Showcase with regular modelling updates how their response is risk-averse and proactive

This preparedness also ensures that salvage and wreck removal crews can demonstrate environmental considerations to meet ongoing pressures – enabling crews meet sustainability requirements and supplying information needed for operators to better optimise approaches.

Accessible intelligence from any location

As an advanced web-based platform, MarineAware Operations provides a much more convenient and flexible way of reaching insights regardless of location. From crews in the field to remote operators, users can always be fully prepared for ongoing or developing risks and incidents as they occur. Having timely insights will help users to reduce the response time and mitigate threats with agility and confidence.

Learn more: The FSO SAFER Risk Impact Analysis

Collaborative nature

MarineAware Operations also provides multiple teams access at once to enable a truly collaborative approach.

Within the salvage and wreck removal sector, this enables the various stakeholders involved in an operation – from insurance to on-site teams to remote operators – to access a centralised dashboard for greater transparency and communication. This was shown to be particularly effective when modelling the predicted outcomes of the FSO SAFER.

With the ability to record case notes against a particular time, salvage and wreck removal teams can avoid unwanted miscommunication or misinterpretation for more efficient operations and reduced response times.

To learn more about how MarineAware Operations can empower Salvage and Wreck Removal operations for all parties involved, download the full product sheet here ->

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