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The importance of bespoke incident modelling intelligence

Incident modelling tools empower critical stakeholder groups, such as government bodies or strategic response coordination groups, with the intelligence they need to make decisions about environmental, human and security challenges worldwide. These tools enable users to better understand various potential scenarios, providing the situational awareness necessary to create and deploy appropriate response strategies.

However, the world is always evolving, with new challenges arising all the time. As our world becomes more diverse and interconnected, the outcomes and impacts of these challenges become more complex, more pervasive and more unpredictable. This makes it increasingly difficult for strategic coordination groups to understand the complete ramifications of an incident and, consequently, to determine the best strategic course of action.

That’s why bespoke incident modelling consultancy is an integral and advancing field within global societies, supporting governments, first responders, defence, and critical national infrastructure, to name a few, to make better decisions in response to even the most difficult and multifaceted real-world incidents.

Real-world Example 1

EASOS Marine Watch: Led by SAC, Riskaware, alongside PML, consulted with Malaysian Authorities to create a bespoke system to help them address pollution from oil spills in their waters using forecasting, monitoring, and simulation capabilities.

The need for tailored intelligence 

Organisations who manage large-scale safety and security challenges require an in-depth understanding of the potential risks, outcomes, and impacts surrounding different events – whether that’s in the context of unfolding hazardous incidents, event planning, strategic planning scenarios, and much more. Every scenario is different, but each presents a similarly imperative challenge that requires accurate and impactful action.  

However, the parameters of these events are often entirely unique, unexplored, and/or likely to evolve in real-time. For this reason, bespoke solutions are absolutely imperative for exploring the outcomes of different parameter combinations and building successful response strategies. 

Real-world Example 2 

Airborne CBRN modelling: Riskaware developed early data systems and airborne modelling solutions for Dstl, for both indoor and outdoor urban environments, as well as model validation and architecture.

Our consultancy approach 

We provide consultancy for urban, environmental, and digital incident modelling and hazard assessment to aid strategic decision-making in these specialised scenarios. Our consultancy services consist of bespoke solution and capability development for unique requirements, as well as scientific studies for incident intelligence and situational awareness. 

Real-world Example 3 

Cyber attack prediction: Riskaware developed novel approaches to cyber analysis for UK defence, creating modelling systems to predict the most likely offensive cyber events and identify the optimal cyber defences.

We combine scientific innovation and knowledge with over 20 years of technological development, showcased by our validated incident modelling platform, to approach complex problems in many domains. 

From marine pollution, airborne contaminants, disease outbreaks, or sophisticated cyber attacks – we can provide expert guidance for live response analysis as well as advanced planning or training. 

What we offer: 

Marine Protection 

We support effective control and clean-up activities, for the protection of marine environments, human populations, and local economies. 

Disease Modelling 

Our disease modelling consultancy provides actionable intelligence surrounding the impact of an illness on a population over time.   


We provide end-to-end threat analysis and incident modelling for both potential and evolving CBRN/HazMat incidents, and develop tailored decision support tools. 

Cyber Security 

We can conduct in-depth cyber investigations to help defend digital infrastructures and assets in the context of wider mission models. 

More than data 

Through our bespoke consultancy services, you get more than data.   

We don’t just conduct technical analysis. We translate model output data into actionable insights and applicable technological capabilities – informing decision-makers and supporting better incident management at scale. Our work is founded on scientific expertise, informed by data, and enhanced by diverse, real-world experience, to empower our partners with more detailed and tailored insights. 

Real-world Example 4 

Anthrax Incident Effects Modelling: Riskaware worked with clients to model the impact of simulated anthrax releases and to assess the benefits of various protective measures on the population outcome. This allowed us to provide intelligence on the effectiveness of different response strategies to help inform planning decisions.

Our bespoke modelling services offer the following added benefits:

  • Added Intelligence: We produce supported and applicable intelligence that directly impacts strategic decisions and advance tangible development.
  • Specialised Solutions: Our expert consultants help organisations build unique solutions and capabilities, underpinned by military-grade technological experience, and can conduct bespoke scientific studies for specific requirements.
  • End-to-end Input: Our consultancy services are available throughout the entire challenge journey, from figuring out the problem to developing and validating the final solution.
  • Supporting Implementation: We provide complete deployment support for unique solutions and strategy intelligence, helping organisations integrate these processes into their infrastructure, supporting staff training, and ensuring optimal adoption.

Our team works in complete collaboration with your own, exploiting your data to ensure you receive the most relevant and timely intelligence possible. This way, we can support you to deliver more optimal outcomes built on trusted, reliable insight.

Examples of our capabilities:

  • Bespoke software development 
  • Marine and CBRN source term estimation 
  • Cyber vulnerability analysis 
  • Mission-based cyber risk assessment 
  • Advanced data analytics and visualisation 
  • Dispersion modelling  
  • Model verification  
  • Disease model development 

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