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Enabling comprehensive, streamlined decision support with CrystalCast®

I’m incredibly excited to announce the release of CrystalCast®. Supporting a wide range of applications and industries, CrystalCast® provides a clear understanding of multiple complex modelled scenarios entailed in decision-making – enabling effective and thorough decision support. 

We are pleased to announce that CrystalCast®, an advanced forecasting tool by Dstl, developed in a collaboration led by Dstl with Riskaware, Public Health England and the University of Southampton, and used as part of the COVID-19 response, is now commercially available from Riskaware.  

“One of the key tools developed was CrystalCast – combining uncertain epidemiological outputs to demonstrate the benefit of having a single combined R value estimate” – Dstl 

CrystalCast® delivers a streamlined, collaborative, and interdepartmental approach to decision-support modelling. It helps non-technical teams interpret complex information by providing simple visualisations of ‘what-if’ scenarios to drive more effective decisions. 

The advanced technology behind CrystalCast® also promises to benefit a range of users. It can be applied to any industry to provide reliable intelligence and clear insights from multiple models. 

What is CrystalCast®? 

CrystalCast® is a software capability that has been pioneered by combining multiple complex models in one intuitive interface. Although concepted in epidemiology, this advanced tool can be applied to a wider range of applications and industries that typically use risk and sensitivity analyses to determine appropriate courses of action. 

CrystalCast®’s applications have already helped decision-makers at a range of levels – from SAGE to the UKHSA – to identify the most effective course of action in uncertain conditions like the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Initially created as a prototype disease forecasting tool, CrystalCast® was developed to provide an alternative to a traditionally siloed approach that led to potential misunderstanding and inefficient approaches. Instead of epidemiological models built for inference at an institutional level, CrystalCast® visualises complex data at speed, granting access to key insights for stakeholders on “what-if” scenarios, such as median fatalities.  

As a result, decision-makers can thoroughly evaluate the next steps, before coordinating the most effective response available, with confidence and agility. The CrystalCast® capability also has significant potential for other industries that deals with data or model output uncertainty. 

Flexible and intuitive, CrystalCast® can be used by both scientists and strategists, digesting the very latest data before presenting models in an easy-to-understand format. For end users, this viewpoint encourages a proactive, instead of reactive, approach – one that’s critical for public health and safety. 

Available through an intuitive web-based interface, decision-makers can quickly identify trends and patterns, allowing them to make data-driven decisions in time-sensitive situations. Moreover, the tool can be used at different levels within organisations, from high-level stakeholders to strategists and analysts, enabling collaboration across departments. 

Want to learn more? Watch our short demo of CrystalCast® in action 

Enabling powerful decision-making through reliable intelligence 

CrystalCast®’s data visualisation functionality means that stakeholders can leverage intelligence faster and with increased conviction. 

CrystalCast® is a significant development for all organisations that need to make informed decisions on biological trends and hazards. It has already enabled organisations such as the UK Government to respond to incidents, by harnessing the latest situational intelligence from complex data. CrystalCast®’s versatility and ease of use make it an essential tool. 

To learn more about how your organisation can take advantage of CrystalCast®, book a free discovery call today, or download the CrystalCast® product sheet below to learn more. 

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