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CBRN incidents and the tools to combat them [infographic]

CBRN/HazMat incidents are complex to detect and combat. These events can take place in a range of environments, but urban incidents pose a particular threat to the public.

When CBRN/HazMat material is released, authorities of different specialities and levels will respond, aiming to mitigate the spread and the impacts on people. To do this effectively, authorities rely on robust technologies.

This allows them to analyse the incident and create the most appropriate strategies for resource deployment.

Our HASP Suite is designed to inform responders throughout a wide variety of CBRN events. Together the tools build up a comprehensive picture of a given event and support efficient action throughout the lifecycle of an incident end-to-end – from proactively optimising sensor placement to modelling the spread of airborne contaminants in real-time, as well as analysing the impact post-event.

See our infographic below for more information on CBRN/HazMat incidents and our HASP Suite tools.

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