Case Study: Building automated and adaptable training software for Zoazi - Riskaware

Case Study: Building automated and adaptable training software for Zoazi

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Zoazi, a running coach app, worked with Riskaware to build the underlying framework which would power their personalised running plans and its ability to automate and adapt each user’s advice. Riskaware was well suited to this project, with extensive expertise in software development, real-world problem solving, and an in-depth analytical approach.

Riskaware first identified two primary objectives:

  1. Codifying customisable programmes
  2. Ensuring highly accurate data

To achieve this, Riskaware followed a very thorough process to optimise the data being collected and how it was used, while still maximising the user experience and the simplicity of using the app. While this was a difficult balancing act, Riskaware underwent extensive trial and error, beta testing and other methods to ensure they built the best possible version of this software for Zoazi.

The result?

A highly flexible application that provides in-app coaching and live feedback, and can adapt to any user’s capabilities, goals, progress or schedule. In addition, Zoazi and Riskaware have ambitions to explore the wider potential of this framework and the data it could provide, which can be flexibly applied to multiple devices or use cases.

Read more in the full case study below.

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