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2022 Review: a year of culture, innovation and collaboration

Riskaware has had a fantastic year for projects, events, and innovation, as well some exciting growth for the team made all the better by a return to the office. We’re grateful it’s been a successful year for all our domains and we’re seeing Marine, Bio, Urban, and Cyber expanding and diversify into even more targeted specialties.

Next year, we already have many interesting projects lined up and are excited to set our sights on developing even greater user-oriented tools. We believe that the development of advanced incident modelling technologies and data analytics will accelerate the landscape for confident, clear, and truly actionable intelligence.

Although this is just a glimpse into the many activities and achievements we’re proud to have experienced this year, we’ve rounded up some of the highlights:

Research published

We have been exploring many interesting capabilities and challenges across fields. A highlight has been our break into space situational awareness where we have begun to establish strong relationships and a unique foothold for development.

Validation of MarineAware

Our work with STFC helped validate MarineAware, ensuring its predictions are accurate and can be relied upon, concluding that the model provides important actionable intelligence in the event of an oil spill or in preparation.

FSO Safer update

Working with two non-profits, ACAPS and the Satellite Applications Catapult, we assessed the impact from worst case scenarios from three potential incidents.

Zoazi case study

Riskaware worked with Zoazi to build a highly flexible running training application that provides in-app coaching and live feedback. This required extensive data analysis and expert software development work.

New partnerships and collaborations

We’re completing extensive work in next-generation technologies for reconnaissance, surveillance, oil slick modelling, algae blooms, cyber security, and space situation awareness – just to name a few. Most interestingly, we have had the opportunity to apply innovative techniques in AI/ML, data fusion, data visualisation, big data and more, thanks to a myriad of new projects.

Ordnance survey integrations

Riskaware partnered with Ordnance Survey (OS) to introduce additional population and building datasets into the UrbanAware platform.

IT Health

We’ve recently partnered with IT Health to strengthen our CyberAware solutions and apply these to new use cases in the NHS.

Other partnerships include working with the European emergency services on UrbanAware trials, developing SpaceAware with the support of Satellite Applications Catapult, and continuing innovative defence solutions with our US partners Aeris LLC.

Launched MarineAware Operations

MarineAware Operations is designed to support specific operational challenges in marine landscapes, such as vessel wrecks, fires, or insurance analysis.

Expanding team

Riskaware continues to expand our wonderful team and has welcomed eight new members, along with several more due to join in 2023 – including James Hardwick and James Wrigley, who we are looking forward to welcoming.

  • Agata Sliwinska
  • Emily Tyler
  • Harry Holden
  • Melissa Cutler
  • Olek Raymond
  • Peter Rowe
  • Rory Gordon
  • Tom Purves
  • Murray Purves

We’re also very excited to be forming our new EDITS technology into a dynamic intelligence solution in collaboration with OSL. We have developed the technology under DASA funding, and it will be taken forward under Project HADO®, funded by Innovate UK’s Future Flight Phase 3 Programme. We are expanding our team in aid of this project who will be developing and exploiting this technology for counter UAS and drone operations in busy environments.

Return to office working

The return to the office has not only been a welcome reunion, but a chance for us to rethink our processes. We’ve made it a priority to give our people a nurturing and positive place to work.

Working with Kim Grant from Hopeful Minds, we are redeveloping our line management, staff and training processes from the ground up. We completely understand the challenges of coming back into work after the past few years, and we are designing this structure to support comfort, culture, and flexibility in how people want to work.

Another benefit of 2022 has been the chance to visit conferences once again. This has been a busy year for us with some highlights being Tim Culmer’s attendance at the Canadian Counter Threat Symposium, the Space2Waves event, and Russel Mills attendance at the DTRA Chemical and Biological Defense & Technology conference in San Francisco.

Other great events we attended this year include:

More insights

As the technology and incident modelling world has progressed in 2022, we’ve been thinking ahead to the potential of these innovations for the future of our industry. The blogs below represent some of our most interesting thoughts on how we can harness new capabilities to benefit incident response tools.

A look ahead at incident modelling

A clear picture for the user is more critical than ever as our world becomes more complex and we have access to bigger and bigger datasets.

We believe the future of incident modelling is not only moving towards, but is reliant upon, situational awareness and decision support optimised for users. Using ML/AI and a suite of data tools, we can translate huge amounts of data into something simple, understandable and therefore useful.

This is already happening – with technologies like wearables – but it’s essential that we can draw data from sensors, satellites, wearables, drones, and more, efficiently into one unified platform. This is the only way it can be boiled down from technical data into actionable intelligence.

That’s why in 2023, our strategic focus is to empower users – filtering complexity through tools like automated AI and ML to deliver a ready-to-go decision support solution.

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