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Innovation at Riskaware

The Innovation Hub lies at the heart of Riskaware’s innovation arm. It’s aim is to develop ideas for new products and services and to turn these into real systems, allowing the company and our partners to explore new markets and address emerging challenges.

Our Innovation Approach

Through our innovation process, we help identify key challenges that governments and organisations are currently facing, then draw on our expertise and existing product suite, or develop unique capabilities, to provide real-world solutions.  

We often work with external organisations, such as Innovate UK and the UK MoD’s Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), to win R&D and innovation funding to support the development and demonstration of new products and services. Our enviable track record in using innovation funding effectively means that we have an excellent reputation with funding bodies and our projects are generally considered confident funding opportunities. Riskaware also funds targeted early-stage R&D projects internally.

The innovation hub also identifies new techniques and technologies that might help improve how our existing products perform and scale, or that could allow us to approach completely unique scenarios.

A few of our Innovation projects

SpaceAware Resilience

Developed under the International Space Pitch Day (ISPD) project, our Innovation Hub is creating a comprehensive, multi-tier modelling and visualisation tool for mission-critical space assets. The development aims to support military and business operations with risk and threat analysis to assets, such as satellites, and the downstream impacts on the operational environment.

The proposed development known as SpaceAware Resilience, will be an innovative adaptation of Riskaware’s existing CyberAware Resilience product.

SpaceAware Resilience will contextualise the primary asset threat data with the second and third-order impacts to the end-user. Each space assets will be visualised with its relevant operational capability, status, ultimately providing an analysis and visualisation of potential threats.

For the initial phase of the ISPD project, a prototype is being developed to visualise threats from natural phenomenon such as space weather, potential conjunctions and near misses and Counterspace events or Anti-Satellite (ASAT) systems. It will provide situational awareness to demonstrate the wider operational potential for SpaceAware Resilience.

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Enhanced Drone Identification and Target Tracking System

EDITTS, the Enhanced Drone Identification and Target Tracking System, is designed to help operators identify and track unwelcome UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). EDITTS was developed because we spotted an alignment of several key factors:

  • Hostile drones are an increasing concern in a range of situations, including airport security, prison security and critical national infrastructure (note the 2019 attack on two Saudi oil refineries, using long-range UAV’s).
  • Riskaware has solid experience using Particle Filters, a powerful algorithm often used for target tracking and classification.
  • A number of new libraries for developing Neural Networks are now available including Google’s TensorFlow, and Riskaware had previously used these successfully on some recent projects.

The resulting EDITTS project, which was funded by the UK Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), developed an extremely efficient particle filter for tracking targets and an effective and novel method for using AI to classify possible targets based on their tracked dynamics. We are currently raising the technology readiness level of EDITTS so it can be deployed within fielded surveillance systems, which will be extremely exciting.

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Other Fields

Other areas where the Innovation Hub has spearheaded our entry into new markets includes our CyberAware analytics products and various other niche developments, including:


An open-source equal-area global gridding system, which is designed to scale up data analytics seamlessly to global-scale datasets.


A software tool for ingesting, analysing and interactively visualising large bodies of textual data, to highlight the key features and extract important information.


The modelling and simulation trust analysis toolset, which can analyse uncertainty propagation and reliability within a complex system of interconnected components, such as a modelling pipeline supply chain.


Analysis of AIS ship tracking data, using particle filters and other techniques. Some of this has fed into our MarineAware products.


A system to search satellite imagery archives for coverage of globally significant events.

Our Capabilities

Technologies we champion within the Innovation Hub and now use on many of our core products include:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, such as neural nets, bayesian nets and natural language processing.
  • Bayesian and Sequential Bayesian inference algorithms, such Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC), Particle Filters and Fixed Lag Sequential Monte Carlo.
  • Array and tensor oriented computation, and GPU-based computation.
  • Graph databases and connected graph models.
  • Big data techniques, including No-Sql databases, Google BigQuery and search-oriented databases such as ElasticSearch .
  • Advanced visualisation and visual analytics, including the D3.js libraries.

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