Environmental and atmospheric modelling services from CBRN hazard assessment through to indoor pollution modelling.

Riskaware is internationally recognised for subject matter expertise in the field of atmospheric dispersion modelling and CBRN hazard prediction for defence and environmental application. We have been involved in a number of important UK and US programmes which have leveraged Riskaware’s expertise in urban dispersion modelling, indoor hazard modelling and subway contamination modelling.

We have developed models for physiological burden to calculate the effectiveness of individuals based on a range of factors including meteorology, time of day, activity levels and dress state, to understand the effect of the burden from personal protective equipment and activities. This includes interfacing, using High Level Architecture, a next-generation, entity-level simulation that supports both computer generated forces and semi-automated forces.

Riskaware has expertise with a broad range of probabilistic modelling approaches including Monte Carlo, Markov chain, Bayesian networks, particle filters, and numerous statistical process control approaches. We have successfully applied these techniques to a broad range of domains including bio-surveillance data fusion, data analytics, uncertainty propagation, source term estimation, sensor data fusion amongst many others.

This draws on a number of Riskaware’s core capability offerings which included:

  • Development of operational software systems
  • Hardware control and interfacing, including chemical and biological sensors
  • Physics modelling, including meteorology
  • Information and knowledge management
  • Data fusion
  • System integration
  • Consequence and effects modelling
  • Geographic information systems
  • Development of decision support systems
  • Modelling and simulation