Data-driven information and intelligence solutions that increase situational awareness and provide threat analysis in todays interconnected world.

Riskaware have a proven track record in harnessing advanced data analytics algorithms to build systems that process large volumes of data to provide actionable information and intelligence. From operational Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) sensor data, through aerial image data to web-based open-source intelligence and social media analysis, our innovative software systems allow analysts in a range of domains to make sense of rapidly evolving situations through the fog of data.

Our expertise includes the application of search engine technology, geographic information science, advanced text analysis, connected-graph databases, Bayesian techniques and visual analytics.

Recent Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) and Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) projects have included:

  • The RA-OSINT desktop data mining and visual analytics platform. This tool allows analysts to capture, explore and evaluate large volumes of data from both open and closed sources against known threat hypotheses and helps in identifying emerging concerns and fine structure.
  • The development of a web application to allow the automated labelling of satellite image footprints with the probability of detection and identification of global open-source events.
  • The development of the OpenEAGGR Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)compliant Discrete Global Grid System (DGGS) to underpin the next-generation of spatial databases and global dataset analysis.

Recent information fusion and system resilience projects have included:

  • The development of bio-surveillance data fusion algorithms to provide early warning, situational awareness and forecasting of disease activity
  • The development of a chemical sensor fusion and source estimation application, designed to estimate the location and parameters of a hazardous release from real-time sensor data.
  • The development of an advanced system resilience and criticality analysis tool for assessing the robustness of complex systems such as production facilities, critical infrastructure and long-range logistics operations.