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Cyber Security

Riskaware delivers cyber security consultancy to defend infrastructures and mission-critical assets against cyber attack.

By analysing adversary tactics, techniques and procedures and using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques we can design and develop systems to proactively defend networks. Our consultancy work has been presented at international and industry events including the NATO Operations Research and Analysis conference and Dstl AI Fest.

Our Cyber Analytics Consultancy

We design and develop cyber security software solutions to solve a range of defence and industry challenges using advanced analytics:


Riskaware uses detailed multi-stage cyber-attack modelling and mission impact assessment algorithms to target network hardening where it counts. We use visual analytics to provide analysts with enhanced situational awareness and the ability to simulate mitigations before allocating resources.

Predicting the next steps of cyber attacks

Riskaware uses real-time monitoring and the latest cyber threat intelligence to detect and predict adversarial techniques. We can use advisory dashboards and NATO symbology to aid cyber protection teams to communicate the cyber battle to commanding officers.

Autonomous cyber defence

Riskaware uses advanced AI techniques such as graph neural networks and deep reinforcement learning to prioritise mitigations and automatically defend networks against cyber-attacks. We also collaborate with other companies to design and develop frameworks to support the deployment of autonomous cyber defence agents.


Comprehensive Solution Development   

Riskaware has been involved in many comprehensive projects, helping to solve real-world challenges through expert consultancy, bespoke studies, and technical implementation. We have extensive experience developing cyber data models and tools for specific requirements, as well as modelling tailored scenarios based on network scans and asset management data for government, military, and private organisations. 

Explore our CyberAware Solutions

CyberAware is developed in partnership with world-leading defence and intelligence organisations. It provides business-critical cyber-attack analysis and impact assessment services, using NIST standards aligned with NCSC guidance.


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Projects & Partners

Riskaware’s cyber consultancy is led by our expertise in cyber incident modelling and solution development. Our capabilities are underpinned by our cyber products developed under defence funding using NIST standards aligned with NCSC guidance.

Our cyber security consultancy can be used by businesses, government and defence organisations, supported by our versatile tools and software development expertise.

Some examples of our consultancy projects include: 

  • Development of novel approaches to predict the most likely offensive cyber events and identify optimal cyber defences for DASA
  • Development of analytics to assess the mission impact of cyber attacks for Dstl
  • Providing tools and consultancy to Atkins for Ministry of Defence cyber vulnerability assessments
  • Development of a strategic risk framework to help the Ministry of Defence understand the risk of cyber attack


“The Lansweeper approach is to build and maintain a single source of truth on the IT asset inventory. It is the baseline for recurring processes, projects of all kinds, and rapid action when needed. Our cyber security partners, like Riskaware, then use that IT asset data to advise their customers on security threats and vulnerabilities.”

Maarten Saeys, CPO at Lansweeper


OCCAM-RT: DASA funded research underpinning CyberAware Predict

Watch this short video to discover how CyberAware Predict can model both future cyber attacks and the next steps of evolving attacks based on network scans, real-time monitoring and threat intelligence.

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