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Riskaware offers CBRN/HazMat consultancy services for software development and case study analysis, underpinned by military-grade incident modelling expertise, to aid strategic impact assessment and response planning.   

Using statistics, data fusion, and dispersion modelling techniques, we can develop bespoke incident modelling and decision tools, and conduct analysis around a vast range of hypothetical incidents and live events to provide extensive situational awareness for informed decision-making. 

Our CBRN/HazMat Consultancy Capabilities

Our end-to-end CBRN/HazMat consultancy enables greater intelligence surrounding the entire timeline of CBRN/HazMat incident response, from pre-emptive planning and training, to post-event impact assessment and strategy deployment:

Advanced Threat Detection

Riskaware can provide critical intelligence that enables enhanced detection and early understanding of CBRN/HazMat threats. Our advanced statistical algorithms provide in-depth analysis for the optimal placement of different sensors to maximise scarce resources and optimise threat detection configurations to maximise the probability of detection and ensure early warning.

We also develop and employ high-fidelity data fusion algorithms to estimate hazard source characteristics and location, based on sensor readings and threat modelling, supported by additional data sources. Using sensor data fusion, we can also maximise the probability of detection and ensure early threat warning.

These capabilities can be brought together to facilitate the implementation of integrated sensor management systems, to support operational planning and CBRN incident response for large events, military base defence, commercial contaminant leaks, and more.

Hazard Modelling and Prediction

Riskaware can model the behaviour of a given hazard, such as predicting the movements of airborne contaminants in both indoor and outdoor environments, taking into account the surrounding factors such as wind flow, material properties, land usage, and urban topography.

Our capabilities in this area include dispersion modelling, combined indoor/outdoor modelling, the creation of multi-agent systems, and meteorological modelling. Based on these analyses, we can provide increased insight into how a hazard is likely to travel and disperse downwind, both for simulated incidents and evolving events.

Human Effect Analysis

Through our various modelling capabilities, we can analyse the potential human health effects as a result of a CBRN/HazMat incident, providing intelligence to help mitigate these effects and protect more people.

Our impact assessments include analysis of large-scale effects on surrounding populations, such as due to a chemical explosion, and targeted impacts on smaller groups or individuals.

We also provide consultancy for testing the effectiveness of CBRN/HazMat safety solutions at mitigating threats to users, for example studying the levels of material penetration for fumigation cupboards, PPE suits, and respirators, or to analyse the effects of heat strain resulting from active use of PPE equipment.

Threat Mitigation and Response

Riskaware delivers CBRN/HazMat hazard awareness and information management consultancy to aid tactical decision-making for mitigating threats. This consultancy can be applied for planning, training, and evaluating incident response.

We can support live scenario analysis to help key organisations determine the most effective strategy as incidents evolve. We also provide proactive consultancy to support informed response training and strategy testing, through in-depth workshop exercises and scenario development.

Comprehensive Consultancy & Development

Riskaware performs bespoke CBRN/HazMat studies, analysis and development for large-scale projects that require a specific scope. In the past, we have helped global organisations develop, integrate, validate and use unique models, as well as customising our own capabilities – with tailored data formats and outputs – for individual client needs.

Other CBRN/HazMat Consultancy Fields  

Riskaware has the expertise and experience in CBRN/HazMat to provide consultancy for agile and unique projects not specified in our urban hazard consultancy services. Some examples include: 

  • Developing modelling interface standards 
  • Distributed simulations 
  • Hardware control and development 
  • Data trials  
  • Capability integration  

Explore our UrbanAware Solutions 

UrbanAware is a leading CBRN/HazMat situational awareness and decision support tool for Emergency Response Planning, Mitigation and Training. UrbanAware is underpinned by Dstl’s HASP modelling suite, which has been developed in partnership with Dstl and the DoD and forms a fundamental part of decision support within the defence sector.


Find out more about UrbanAware


Projects & Partners

Riskaware has over 20 years’ experience in CBRN/HazMat modelling and intelligence, initiated by capability development projects led by Dstl. We have continued to expand our scope, providing end-to-end, integrated decision support to government, commercial, and military organisations. 

Our consultancy expertise is underpinned by our CBRN/HazMat tools, available through the HASP Suite and the UrbanAware platform, as has been applied in both civilian and defence settings across the globe. 

Some of our projects include: 

  • 2012 London Olympics: Provided sensor data fusion consultancy in aid of operational efficiency and safety. 
  • HPAC Urban Sub System (USS) for Dstl: Developed airborne modelling solutions for indoor environments with external system integration capabilities, from R&D stage through to fielded product.
  • Urban Dispersion Model (UDM) for Dstl: Developed early data systems and airborne modelling solutions for urban environment, including model validation and architecture. 
  • LUCBR for Dstl: Developing a comprehensive modelling framework for the simulation of CBR incidents in the London underground system. 
  • HPAC, JEM: A core member of these projects, leading the integration and development of geographical and urban transport and dispersion (T&D) models. 
  • Argon Electronic’s PlumeSIM system: Riskaware has been involved in a programme to add dispersion modelling capability to their detector simulation and training system.

“Riskaware is very dedicated to the program and is willing to go the extra mile to make the customer happy. Their knowledge of the modelling software and JEM architecture is critical to the success of the program … their work has been fantastic.”

GDIT JEM Program Manager 
General Dynamics Information Technology


A complete suite of CBRN hazard intelligence tools

The Hazard Assessment Simulation and Prediction (HASP) Suite is a comprehensive suite of CBRN hazard intelligence tools, designed to empower users to completely assess the potential development and impacts of an incident.

Download the datasheets today to find out more about the components that make up the powerful HASP Suite and how these tools can be deployed in real-life incidents.

HASP Suite Datasheet Download


Optimise real-time decision making with superior situational awareness

UrbanAware is a next-generation CBRN Information Management (IM) tool for the military, first responders, and local government. Download our product sheet to find out how we can help you to develop more effective response processes with life-saving situational awareness and decision support.

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