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Combining sophisticated models with meaningful intelligence

At Riskaware we provide incident modelling and hazard assessment expertise. Through our consultancy service, we translate trusted data into actionable insights to inform better strategic decision making at scale.

We harness real-world data to help solve critical and complex challenges, with our scope extending through environmental, human, and digital landscapes.

Our experienced team can provide knowledge, skill, and support at every stage of a scientific study, using our established tools to help you understand the potential outcomes and impacts of every decision, and understand the uncertainties involved. We also provide end-to-end development consultancy to create unique solutions that deliver essential decision support – from identifying the problem to building the solution, as well as analysing and interpreting the results.

Our Expertise

We are experts in incident modelling with over 20 years’ experience working in partnership with organisations across the globe. Our diverse teams combine software engineering, mathematics, and scientific expertise to develop market-leading hazard assessment solutions and consultancy.

Our leading capabilities have been applied to and verified against a diverse range of real-world applications. These capabilities underpin our consultancy services, allowing us to deliver trusted intelligence no matter the situation.

Our Consultancy Approach

We collaborate with our clients to add insight to their data. Our teams combine their experience with your field of expertise to deliver specialist models or perform bespoke studies that address specific problems. Working closely with our clients, we are empowered to bring about more detailed and relevant insights that can be directly applied to solving your challenges.

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We provide end-to-end threat analysis and incident modelling for both potential and evolving CBRN/HazMat incidents, and develop tailored decision support tools, to empower more informed civil and military response strategies.

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Marine Protection

Our marine incident consultancy enables more effective control and clean-up activities, for the protection of marine environments, human populations, and local economies.

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Disease Modelling

We deliver sophisticated models and create bespoke solutions to strengthen your disease intervention and mitigation strategies, helping you to reduce the impacts for the benefit of people’s health.

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Cyber Security

Riskaware has a track record of providing consultancy to Dstl across a range of defence R&D programmes including Joint User Mission Planning (JUMP), Predictive Cyber Analytics (PCA) and Autonomous Resilient Cyber Defence (ARCD).

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Bespoke Development of a Scientific Application

Our consultants can also work on bespoke scientific projects to deliver products or capabilities for your organisation. We can provide end-to-end input – supporting you in the initial stages of identifying the problem, to developing a solution and training your team on how to most effectively use specialised tools – ensuring you get the most value possible.

The Incident Modelling Platform

Our Incident Modelling Platform provides actionable intelligence and decision support to global government departments, environmental charities and science-led R&D partners dealing with difficult problems in difficult domains.

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