Release of  OpenEAGGR

Riskaware is pleased to announce the release of OpenEAGGR – an open-source, OGC-compliant implementation of a Discrete Global Grid System (DGGS). Developed in collaboration with Dstl, OpenEAGGR provides the ability to assign spatial data to a heirarchical tessellation of nested equal-area cells. Unlike traditional coordinate systems, OpenEAGGR supports multi-resolution and multi-domain data fusion, statistically accurate comparisons of global datasets and parallel computation in distributed and high performance computer environments.

OpenEAGGR provides APIs in C/C++, Java and Python; and is integrated with PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch to support large-scale attribution and spatial analysis operations. Each attribute is assigned to a cell at a resolution that explicitly captures the accuracy of the measurement, resulting in lossless data storage and consistent aggregation of information for analysis.

The OpenEAGGR library and documentation suite is available to download from GitHub. It is anticipated that OpenEAGGR will be used to support next-generation data analytics in areas such as disease outbreak, population studies and rainfall monitoring. This could support better logistics decisions, more accurate environmental analysis and more effective deployment of medical experts in disaster situations across the globe.